Autumn Diaries – III: With full moon, Autumn’s first cycle, “Kwaanr”, Begins in India . . .


With sun-splashed glittering mornings and moon-washed sleepless nights, autumn has begun its first beautiful cycle, “Kwaanr”. As I strolled in my garden last night after dinner, I saw my old Harsingar shrub laden with tender white buds. I heard its sun-stemmed white buds opening softly to offer their fragrance to the full moon. I post here a photo from the last year of tender Harsingar flowers that seem to have thick silken threads of sun woven into saffron stems that glow:

i collected these harsingars from my garden in the morningI spent some quiet hours in my garden today in the dew-decked hours of  the morning and took a few photographs:

121212This wild grass is my treasured childhood memory. We used to make little baskets from them and collect little wild flowers in them. The best thing about this grass is that it loves autumn sun.

New Image.jpg55555dew grassBlue spotless washed skies where restful eagles soar, wild tree blossoms that rain down with autumn wind if you sit on that bench, and a lazy sun resting on the big leaf-bedding of Saal trees . . . well – this is what autumn is!

New Image.jpg88888 And my old little house is once again all set to welcome this much awaited season of peace and harmony. Step in, just avoid disturbing that creeper, it is busy weaving the lazy sun-threads :

Camera360_2015_9_6_080118Come, hold my hand – I will take you to my room, where Autumn is having its morning tea. It got up a little late today, why? because it loves to ramble on the quiet river banks in the fragrant moonlit hours of the night:

New Image.jpg11111Yes, open the door and come into the sun. There are fresh  tikomas basking in the morning sun and I heard them saying – life renews itself after every collapse:

WP_20150922_07_29_32_Pro(note: this is the third part of my series of posts on autumn in India. wait for the next part I am working on – I am right now collecting the best paintings and poems i can find on this lovely season.

And yes, do feel free to drop in your comments, and have a nice day!)


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