Autumn Diaries – V: Have you ever heard the evening sun sing autumn songs to the wild grasses?



Have you ever heard the sun play old autumn ditties on the golden strings of its magical guitar? I caught it singing its most tender songs of promise of a new morning to the grasses that stood spellbound – rapt in unspeakable emotion. Drenched by the golden sun shower, the tearful grasses stood – listening with rapt attention to the fading notes as that homeless, carefree vagabond went its solitary way, walking with carefree steps through the singing fields of colourful clouds, above which little black birds hovered in search of last morsels of food. The tender grasses bid farewell to the sun as it walked – far – far – farther away, taking long careless strides  which left golden dust flying behind. The sun has to reach another city where the earth is eagerly waiting for it to come and open the door for the morning light to flood in, to smile upon the sleeping grass fields, and scatter jewels from its backpack that always has loads of gems – red rubies and emerald stones and blue topaz.

1212121212121212121212121212121212This blog post was completely unplanned.I was sitting in an open backyard listening to a discussion when I heard faint notes of an old-old song. Who was playing that? who cares for those long forgotten things? I looked around and saw – wild grass, something  nobody has time to notice and I saw – the last rays of the setting sun. I have always loved this wild tender grass that appears in this part of the year only.  These tender gems hanging on its frail stems look like glowing splinters of sun’s broken glass.


I got up, went to that corner and took out my camera, feeling obviously a little embarrassed. Ignoring the amused stare of many, I captured that tearful song before it was over.


And then . . . something terrible happened – a gang of well-dressed young boys and girls came in – giggling, talking, shouting – completely ignorant of the song, the treasure they trampled under their shoes . . . and the magic was broken, the song ended, the grass cried out in pain and I . . . turned away my eyes.

. .  .their education has not taught them to respect “the meanest flower that blooms!”


These photographs were taken in  hurry, but I loved them all, and did not know which ones to leave out and which to select. So I decided to post them all.

(Note: This is my fifth blog post in a series I have started last month on Autumn. I shall be posting more on how Autumn is doing here in India and in my house, and how I spent my much-awaited autumn vacation this week. Meanwhile, I would also like to hear from you also about this lovely season. Do feel free to drop in your comments and experiences. These are the links to the earlier posts you have enjoyed and appreciated:

  1. my first post on the beginning of autumn:
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  3. My third post – a gallery of photos of my room, house and garden in this beautiful month.
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(A few words of request: If you have also posted something on this season, do send me the link to your post because I am collecting this season’s best posts on fall and shall be posting the compilation by the end of this month.)

Last but not the least, I am here tagging in a few blog posts that I have recently read and sincerely admired. I thank these wonderful people for adding new colours to my days:

  1. I heartily love the ‘hale and hearty’ spirit of this blog and love its ‘about me’ page:
  2. Katherine’s collection of quotes is awesome and so is she as a human being (although i do not know her personally!):
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3 thoughts on “Autumn Diaries – V: Have you ever heard the evening sun sing autumn songs to the wild grasses?

  1. Vibrant

    Hello Chitra 🙂

    You have such lovely photos on your blog, once I started scrolling down I couldn’t stop for a long long time and you write such lovely poetry too. 🙂

    I have a suggestion for you: If you don’t please follow your own blog and see if your posts appear on WordPress Reader.

    Using more than 15 tags and categories combined will filter your posts out of the WordPress Reader and your followers won’t see them over there so it is better to use minimal 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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