Welcome to My Caravansary!

image courtesy: Katalin Poós, pinterest

I am so excited to inform you about the complete makeover of my blog “Twentieth Century Diaries”!! And this is how I have reconceived it:


“A coffee room for travelers who are in quest of goodness, beauty, and truth; for dreamers who crave for travels and good books and music; and for the lovers of open skies and warm sun!”

And it has a Notice for all its visitors:

A Notice for All My Caravansary Visitors:

My Caravansary Offers:
*Sumptuous open air Dinners                                                                                                   *Boarding Rooms with big windows that open on the river
*Special Coffee and gossip in sunlit Verandahs
*Reading Rooms with choicest music and reading nooks                                                    * *balconies that offer a rare view of mountains and pine woods
*Simple Evening parties where no ostentation and show-off is allowed
*Camping and Star- gazing in the night and much- much more!

Cabins at my Caravansary:image coutesy: pinterest


On one of our visits to the Bushy Run Battlefield in western Pennsylvania, I stopped here to photograph this cabin. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea about the cabin. I’m just glad that the fall colors were still present when we were there!

And here’s one more:


And this is the road – yes, you guessed it right – to the Caravansary! So what about a walk after lunch?


Friends, I want my blog to become a caravansary for you. Do visit it sometimes and stay with me as long as you desire! Enjoy!

(Note: None of the above images belong to me. All images in this post have been selected from my Pinterest collection )


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