I will Sing for You!


When all our abodes of music sacred

Are being razed and wrecked,

And plundered all dwellings of blossoms tender,

When all cool and deep shades of trees huge

Are being ravaged and bulldozed,

When collapsing under our feet are

All shores azure, emerald, shimmering,

Listen to these songs of mine

– listen!


I had heard the mighty eagles

Brave, beautiful and fearless

Chase the storm and these daring songs sing;

Wings outstretched in a sky anxious:

Grey and ashen with fear and panic

Of storms mighty, fast approaching.


One afternoon – thick, hushed, and dense,

I had heard a river ancient,

Cool, deep blue, languorous,

Sing these ditties long forgotten,

As it sat calm and motionless

Under the dark shade of an old Peepal,

These songs of mine

– listen!


All these songs melodious

Of vales leafy and sky indigo and springs sunlit

These hymns sweet – of flowers wild,

Of earth and of life,

These songs mine,

Are all yours,

These songs

– will you listen?



I will sing for you

In these dark hours of frightening destruction,

Riding on the waves wrathful

That roar and rumble as they rise and rave,

Standing on the shoulders of the storm  

Wild and savage,

Ascending the volcano furious,

I will sing for you 

All those songs tender,

Which promise life and renewal,

All those songs that have you in them


I will sing for you

Till my last breath

And when these dreary hours shall end

(My journey will be over by then),

When a new dawn shall come,

These songs shall bloom and blossom again;

These songs – the joyous serenades of spring,

These songs – the saddest requiems of earth,

The most pious aubade to that morning first,

Yes, it shall come,

Soon shall it shall come!


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